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We manufacture Polyurethane Aliphatic Isocynate Base Paints (2 Pack) and Polyurethane Aromatic Isocynate Base Paints (2 Pack).


Polyurethane Base Paints offers very high degree of chemical resistances. It is resistance to Acid as well as Alkalis. On curing it forms a hard durable paint film. This paint has excellent glossy or matt finish having retention when exposed to atmosphere. The films formed are MAR resistant and UV resistant hard coatings. These are cured by using Aliphatic Isocyanides hardener. The selection depends on the end use. These coating can be either clear or pigmented. Specifically formulated to meet harsh climatic changes & protect exterior surface of Aircrafts & Aircraft Spares.


We manufacture Chlorinated Rubber Paints in assorted shades.


These are a typical type of Thermoplastic Coating with curing time lesser than those of epoxies. They have excellent water, mild alkali resistance & exceptional resistance below 0°C. The surface to be painted should be free from dust, rust, grease, and loose material for the best result. The Steel surfaces or concrete or other should be coated with 2 coats of Mark 3 Red Oxide Zinc-chrome Primer followed by 2 coats of 3 ‘S’ Chloro Rubber Based Paints.


We manufacture all Epoxy Base Primer and Thinner like Epoxy Zinc Phosphate Epoxy Primer, Zinc Chrome Epoxy Primer, Red Oxide Epoxy Primers (Two Pack) and Zinc Rich Epoxy Primers. Epoxy Primers containing anti corrosive pigments like Zinc-chrome, Zinc-phosphate Pigment, have excellent adhesion to steel, suitably treated Light Alloys or galvanized surface. These Pigments enhance the corrosion of the Epoxy System in a Chemical Environment. There are three types of Primer i.e. Yellow, Grey and Red Oxide. The former is based on pure Zinc-chrome.


Conformal Coating are very hard, usually transparent / opaque, having excellent resistance to the effects of moisture and solvents. Epoxy is a two part therm-o-setting mixture with pot life of approximately 16 hours, it possesses excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Urethane Coatings are hard and durable that has excellent resistance to solvents. It has similar moisture resistance to Acrylic and Silicone.


We manufacture Heat Resistant Paints with 2 Pack Aluminum Paint (with paste) heat resistance  up to 350 oC, E-Silicon 521 Heat Resistant Aluminum Paint Single Pack (Heat resistance from 400-600 oC) and Heat Resistant Silicon based Paint single pack from 600-800oC


Heat resisting ready mix paint suitable up to a dry heat of 3500C. It is  two pack Aluminum Paint on Synthetic Varnish. Clean surface free from rust, dust, grease & oil is an ideal surface for such application. Before  application mix the two ingredients namely Aluminum Paste & Varnish stir them to form a Homogeneous Paint and apply using a brush. For spraying the paint 5-7% thinner should be added. Heat Resisting Silicone Paint is supplied in ready mixed form to use it & is based on Silicone resin.

This can withstand temperature between 400oC to 600oC.

Application:  Heavy Equipments, Vessels, Silencers, Radiators, Ovens, Interior / Exterior of Chimneys, Chemical Units, Refineries etc.
We manufacture Chlorinated Rubber Base Primer and Thinners using Chlorinated Rubber Zinc Phosphate Primer, Zinc Chrome Primer and Red Oxide Primers.


Inorganic Zinc Silicate Primer is a two pack self curing with an extensive service record both as a permanent primer and as a prime coating underneath specified topcoats in the most aggressive industrial and marine environments. When cured, it gives an exceptionally hard coating that resists damage during transport. The

The service life may be extended or a decorative finish can be provided by over coating with an epoxy, chlorinated rubber, acrylic or polyurethane protective coating. 3 “S” Inoragnic Zinc Silicate Primer is used on bridge structures, interiors and exteriors of petroleum storage tanks, bulk handling terminals and chemical and industrial plant. It has been used extensively on shipping facilities and offshore platforms.

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"Shri Swami Samarth Paints" i.e. "3S" Paints is pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturer, supplier of Industrial and Decorative Paints. We are in the field for more than 25 years. Our capacity of production is more than 10 metric tons per month. We have a Well Setup Plant at Dombivli, a suburb of Mumbai, India. Production in process is checked by our experienced technicians at every stage. We have a laboratory to check the quality of the products before dispatch. We believe in Good Quality & Timely Service to our customer.


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